Adulting 101: 5 Tips to Mentor Your “Little”


Let’s face it, life as a sorority sister can be hard. That’s why becoming a good “big sister” in your sorority is super important. As a Big sister you get the opportunity to really help another sister in all aspects of college and sorority life. 

As a sorority sister you’ve already learned to appreciate the value that comes with sisterhood, but being a big sister to a little, is truly the icing on the cake. You are responsible for guiding a young, new, sorority sister through the challenges of sisterhood, college life, and anything else that they may be struggling with while trying to adapt to this new lifestyle. 

Overseeing another sister’s college life and sorority journey is a tough job and a huge responsibility, which is why it’s helpful to have a plan of action. 

Here are the top five tips for being a good mentor to your little.

Be A Good Study Buddy

One often overlooked, but incredibly important job that a big sister has is to not only help guide their little through the challenges of sorority life, but also with school and their studies. We go to college for the fun, and the parties, but the goal of college is to study hard and get that degree. Studying every day and staying focused on schoolwork while also being an active member of a sorority can be difficult, and that is where you, as their mentor and big sister, can help. 

Always be a good study buddy and a positive influence on your little sister’s academic life. It’s important that she knows and understands that although college and sororities are fun, it’s still crucial that she keeps those grades up and achieves what she ultimately came here for, which is a college education and degree. 

Be Present and Consistent

Another simple yet important tip to remember when mentoring a little sister is to be present and consistent with your communication. The most prominent part of being a good big sister is presence and consistency. Everybody loves to feel important and know that they can rely on someone else for help, and the best way to do that in a mentoring role is by being consistent. 

Your presence will never be overlooked or forgotten, so be sure to really dive into the role of being a big sister and always be available to help. You won’t be much help to her if you’re never around, so be sure you’re always checking in and making your role as a big sister a priority.

Encourage your Little to Stay Active in the Sorority

One of the most common occurrences among new sisters in a sorority is a decline in activity and attentiveness to the sisterhood. You as a mentor and big sister have the capability to stop this from happening by nipping it in the bud right away. Whenever you see signs of doubt or inconsistency in the involvement of the group, be sure to jump right on it and try your best to get your little excited about the sorority again. 

Encourage your little to stick with it and keep participating in sorority events and activities by showing her the benefits of being part of an incredible group of women. Show her that although it can be time consuming and tough to stay on top of it at times, being part of the group and contributing to the sorority is extremely important. Always have her back and if she ever starts to feel discouraged or unsure of herself, be the one to pick her back up and encourage her to keep going!

Always Make Time for Her

It should go without saying, but as a mentor it is crucial that you make time for your little. If she needs you, at any time of the day, be available. If she texts you and needs your help or guidance on something, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Nothing says “you’re not important” more than being ignored, so never, ever be that person! 

It can be hard to juggle all that comes with college, sorority life, and mentoring a little, but don’t let that be an excuse to ignore or brush off your little sister. Always make time for her and be respectful of your role. 

Shower her With Gifts and Sorority Apparel

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