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      Anyone who has been in a sorority knows that it’s so much more than a group of roommates who study together or hang out as casual friends. Your sorority sisters are probably some of your best friends — or they will be eventually — and you’ll soon find that these friendships that are formed during your college years will last much longer. Your sorority sisters are your family for life, and you’ll lean on them through hard times, celebrate milestones with them, and call them up for everything in between. 

      So, when we discuss some of the most respected sororities, Pi Beta Phi always stands out! Pi Phi was founded over 150 years ago at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, and since then, it’s grown exponentially. There are over 200 active chapters and over 300 alumnae organizations across the US and Canada. With an emphasis on bettering the community and helping women grow in strength and intellect, Pi Beta Phi is an incredible sorority of which to be a part. And when you’re looking for ways to further unite your chapter of sisters, look no further than Go Greek Chic for that high-quality Pi Beta Phi sorority apparel, gifts, and merchandise! 

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