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      Thrilled to be a part of the Chi Omega sorority? Who wouldn’t be? You get to participate in an organization that is over 125 years old, has thousands of active members and even more alumnae. Life is pretty great when you’re Chi Omega. Plus, during your years as an active member of your sorority, you’ll likely forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Many women of all ages who were Chi Omegas in college are still close friends with their sorority sisters. After all, once a Chi Omega, always a Chi Omega. 

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      As the sorority with the most active members, Chi Omega is one of the most prominent women’s collegiate organizations out there. Today, as many well-known women in all kinds of spaces claim Chi Omega membership, we can understand why the sorority is so widely admired and the numbers are growing all the time. Chi Omega is a wonderful sorority to be a part of and we couldn’t be prouder to provide one-of-a-kind sorority apparel and gear to its members. 

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