Bid Day Themes: How to Plan the Perfect Bid Day

Bid day is an exciting day for any new sorority member and a day that current members have the opportunity to get to know their new sisters. However, while bid day can be a fun and exhilarating experience, it's also a lot of work. 

There are a lot of details you'll need to take care of, including theme planning and sorority gifts. But while planning a bid day can be stressful, failing to plan ahead of time can result in disaster. However, with the right preparation and the perfect bid day theme, you'll be well on your way to making the most out of bid day. 

What is Bid Day?  

It's no secret that joining a sorority provides students with lifelong benefits, including a support system, opportunities for involvement in the community, and experience in leadership roles. Therefore, it's no wonder that sororities are an essential part of our society and have even helped famous politicians like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ann Coulter flourish. And it all starts with bid day. 

Bid day is a monumental day for every big and little sorority member. It's the day that new members become a part of your sorority, and it provides you and your sisters with the opportunity to welcome and get to know new members. As a sorority leader, it's your role to help introduce your new sisters, help them feel comfortable and accepted, and provide Greek sorority apparel and gifts.  

What is a Bid Day Theme? 

One of the key aspects of any bid day is the theme. Bid day themes provide a framework for bid day and convey what members can expect and what's expected from them. It's the theme that the day will be focused around, and it can be as simple or complex as you'd like. 

There are many creative themes to choose from, but it's essential to ask yourself what you'd like your bid day to convey to new and current members. For example, do you want to plan a bid day that focuses on your new members? Would you prefer a bid day that celebrates your sorority's history and values? Or, would you rather make your new sisters feel more welcome with a grand celebration or party? These are all questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the perfect bid day theme. 

Choosing the Perfect Bid Day Theme 

Sometimes planning a bid day theme can feel overwhelming. So many things can help make your bid day memorable and fun, and there are so many themes you can choose from. It's your sorority event, so it should be exactly as you envision it. Here are some theme ideas to help you get the most out of bid day. 

  • Throwback Themes: Do you have a favorite decade? Every decade, there are new trends, hairstyles, clothing lines, and pop culture. One fun bid day theme to consider is a throwback to a previous decade, hair, wardrobe, and sorority gifts included! 
  • Sorority Mascot Themes: Celebrate your sorority with a mascot-themed bid day. These bid days are fantastic to introduce new sisters to the sorority, its mascot, and its values. Get creative by decorating your space with mascot-related imagery and decorations.
  • Blacklight Party Themes: What’s more fun than everything glowing in the dark? It’s easy- all you need to do to set it up is to get the room lit with black light bulbs. Get as many glow decorations as you can, wear something with white so you can stand out, and get the glow paint out! 
  • Halloween Themes: Who says Halloween has to be limited to October? Halloween-themed bid days can be a blast with everyone dressing up in their favorite costumes. Plan for Halloween décor, sorority gifts, and snacks to make this bid day a day to remember. 
  • Cowgirls Themes: Cowgirl themes let you add a Southern touch to your bid day. Break out your best boots and encourage your sisters to do the same. Plan the music, location, and food around the theme for a more immersive experience. 
  • Football Themes: Who says girls don't enjoy football? Support your sorority while showing off your team's colors with a football bid day theme. Additionally, you can plan your Greek sorority apparel gifts around the theme with your sorority's name on t-shirts as though they were sports logos. 

4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bid Day 

A successful bid day takes serious planning, but that planning doesn't need to be complicated. Here are four tips for planning the perfect bid day for your sorority sisters. 

1. Plan Early 

Want to ease the stress of planning a bid day? Start early. Planning early provides you with more time to select your theme, sorority gifts, dress code, snacks, and more. Additionally, you'll have more time to handle any sudden setbacks or changes that could impact the big day.  

2. Create a Budget and Stick With It 

Your budget will help you create a framework of what will and will not be included in your bid day. Establishing a budget is essential when selecting a bid day theme, snacks, activities, and sorority gifts. Once you've created your budget, stick with it. Sticking with your budget will help you avoid running out of funds midway through planning. 

3. Choose the Right Theme  

The theme for your bid day is a significant choice that will impact the entire day. Choose your theme with care and take the time to envision options that speak to you the most. You should have plenty of time to find the theme that fits your sorority perfectly if you're planning ahead. 

4. Plan Your Sorority Gifts for New Sisters 

Greek sorority apparel and gifts are important considerations for every bid day. Not only will sorority gifts make your new sisters feel more welcome, but they will encourage your new members to show off their sorority spirit. 

Celebrate Bid Day With Greek Sorority Apparel and Unique Sorority Gifts

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