Essential Student Life Hacks for Busy Sorority Sisters

Being in a sorority is one of the greatest experiences you can have as a college student, offering you the ability to make unforgettable memories and lifelong friends! Life is better with your sisters by your side…but let’s face it: trying to juggle your classes, sorority obligations, and finances all while maintaining a social life can feel impossible.

If you’re struggling to strike a balance, don’t be discouraged. With the help of a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make the most of your time as an undergrad.

For all our busy sorority sisters out there, here are our favorite student life hacks for those in Greek life:


Create a budget and stick to it.

Making ends meet is difficult for many college students, but joining a sorority can make it even more complicated. The best way to ensure that your wallet doesn’t suffer too much is to create a budget and stick to it.

Your budget should account for everything you need such as tuition, textbooks, food, chapter dues, rent/housing, utilities, personal care items, as well as recreational activities. Be realistic about your spending and try to budget for savings, too.

Creating a budget is the easy part, but staying within your budget takes discipline. Try using helpful budgeting platforms. If you stick to your budget, you will be setting yourself up for success!


Prioritize wisely.

Participating in Greek life comes with lots of time-consuming obligations, which can make it tough to focus on your coursework and vice versa! Make sure that you are prioritizing your time wisely.

For your classes, you should prioritize either the projects or tasks that need to be done first or the ones that will be the most difficult or time-consuming. For example, if you’re struggling in one class but doing well in another, it may be worth it to spend more time with the difficult material first.

Prioritizing your time may mean that you’ll need to skip non-mandatory sorority events to complete your coursework. School comes first and your sisters will understand.


Use your sorority sisters as a resource.

Your sorority sisters can make your life easier in so many ways! They are fantastic study buddies. Take advantage of sorority study sessions or create your own study groups with sisters in your classes. Share notes with sisters who have taken the class previously. If you live in a sorority house, ask a sister to set an extra loud alarm clock to ensure you wake up for class. If you forgot something at the house, ask your sister to grab it for you on the way to class.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your sisters if you need help! Just be sure that you are reciprocating the love, care, and assistance they offer you.


Don’t take Greek life for granted.

Especially as an upperclassman, the many obligations that can come with being in a sorority can begin to feel tedious. We promise you’ll miss Greek life once you graduate, so don’t take it for granted.

While prioritizing your classes, make the most of your sorority life! Practice gratefulness, build meaningful relationships, embrace your role as a Little, Big, or GrandBig, and make memories with your sisters!