The 8 Best Products in Sorority Apparel

Being in a sorority is a significant milestone in any student's life. You can make connections that boost your resume, create lifelong memories, and build friendships that can last forever. What better way to show off support for your sisterhood than wearing the best in sorority apparel?

Finding the perfect sorority apparel can become stressful. You want to wear or gift something special that is fashionable and showcases your love for your sorority. The sorority apparel options are endless with all the different colors, prints, and designs that each individual chapter can offer. You're in luck! You can show off your love for your favorite sorority by following this guide.

1. Sorority T-Shirts

Sorority Apparel T-Shirts

It’s hard to beat the classic t-shirt when it comes to sorority apparel. You can get it in multiple colors, styles, and sizes! T-shirts with the logo of your favorite sorority will be perfect for college students wandering around campus or just lounging at home. T-shirts are also a great way for family members to join in on the sorority love, with our multiple options for Mom & Dad sorority T-Shirt sets. Our most popular sorority apparel is pocket tees, however, we also carry graphic tees, crewnecks, and more!

2. Sorority Sweatshirts

Sorority Sweatshirt

Starting to get chilly? Luckily, you can bundle up in one of our sweatshirts to warm up while staying cool in our sorority apparel. Our sweatshirts are designed with you in mind, so you can still show off school spirit without sacrificing comfort. Only the highest quality sweatshirts make the cut for our store! Each of our sorority apparel is decorated with officially licensed sorority designs, so you will be sure to stand out!

3. Sorority Jewelry

Sorority Jewelry

The perfect gift for any sister in your sorority, jewelry is a versatile addition. Whether she wears it while going out or around chapter meetings -the Letter Bar Necklace will be one that never goes unnoticed! These necklaces can quickly become a piece of you and your sister’s history and can be treasured through their college experience and beyond. You can show your love for all things Greek with our expanding collection of officially licensed greek jewelry. We only carry the highest quality pieces, so you know it'll be perfect.

4. Sorority Hats 

Sorority Hats

Bad hair day? We got you covered! We have the perfect greek hat  for you. Our baseball hats are all officially licensed designs made by us, just for you. Our large selection of sorority hats come in different colors and styles, and each includes lettering of your favorite sorority.

5. Drinkware

Sorority Drinkware

The perfect gift for your sister is not just something she can use, but also something that reminds you of the special bond between sisters. GoGreekChic carries multiple options available in terms of drinkware- including mugs and tumblers! Coffee mugs are a great way to get your sister’s morning on the right start, while tumblers can keep their drinks hot or cool as they run around campus.

6. Blankets

Sorority Blanket

Curling up beneath a warm blanket or throw is the perfect way to spend time inside. These items make great practical gifts for your new sisters so they can feel valued, welcomed, and appreciated. They also make great gifts for family and friends too!

7. Photo Frames

Sorority Photo Frame

The memories you make in your sorority will always be the most important part of college life, so it’s worth investing some time and effort into taking great pictures. College-themed photo frames are an awesome way to display all those special moments from bid day through graduation! Additionally, sorority frames can sport sorority colors, logos, and names to add an extra personal touch. 

8. Gift Sets

Sorority Gift Set

Can’t decide on one sorority apparel gift? Consider getting a bundle! Gift sets are perfect for any kind of event. We have different box sets for Bid Day, your Big/ Little, and many more! You won’t have to worry about gift-wrapping or presentation, we take care of it all for you. We can even add a custom note to add that personal final touch. Sorority gift sets include all-in-one items like insulated tumblers, sorority photo frames, and unique initiation baskets. 


Sorority apparel and gifts are a necessity when wanting to show love for your sorority. They show your achievements while supporting the experiences you or your sisterhood gained. Find fun and unique gifts and apparel at Go Greek Chic today!