Gift Giving on A Budget: Top Greek Gift Ideas For Your College Aged Kid

Buying gifts for kids is always fun, and when they’re little and love nothing more than toys and plastic relics to add to their toy box, it’s easy. Now that your kids are getting older and the joy of gift giving and receiving is starting to dwindle down, it often starts to feel like a chore. Unfortunately, money and gift cards seem to be the common solution, but even that’s getting played out.

I know… as if college tuition isn’t enough of a gift, right?

You want to give your children a gift that they’ll not only love but will also be able to use. In order to do that you have to fully consider your child’s age and interests, which let’s face it, most college aged kids have similar taste. One thing, that a lot of college aged students will take part in is sorority life. 

Greek life is a popular way for college students to interact with their fellow classmates while also taking part in the daily activities on campus. The wholesome feeling of sisterhood is exactly what these kids need, and after joining a sorority, they’ll want nothing more than Greek accessories and sorority apparel to help them represent their chapter. 

That’s why gift giving has just gotten a lot easier, with these top gift ideas for Go Greek Chic for your college aged kid. 

Home-made Sorority Specific Crafts and Trinkets

One really neat gift idea for your sorority loving girl is a home-made sorority specific keepsake. This is a great way to show your daughter you care by taking the time to put together a home-made gift with the Greek symbol of her sorority somewhere on it. 

You could cut out the Greek symbol in fabric and sew it onto a blanket, towel, or linen for a nice, cozy, little gift. You could also use it to cover a piece of wood and she can use it to decorate her new room in the sorority house. 

Making your own candles is another fun gift idea that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but is the perfect gift for your college aged sorority girl! 

Greek Coffee Travel Mug

If your sorority girl is anything like all the rest of the kids in college, she runs on caffeine. That’s why a sorority specific Greek coffee travel mug is another gift idea that never disappoints. She is on the run and doesn’t have time to sit down and sip her coffee or tea out of a real mug, so giving the gift of a coffee mug that travels is ideal. 

Not only is a travel mug something useful that she will likely use every day, but they also come in all sorts of fun colors and designs. A Greek travel coffee mug will have her representative sorority logo and make it even more fun to use while on campus while rushing around to get to her next lecture. 

Shop for all kinds of different fun, Greek designs for coffee mugs here and pick the one that suits your daughter’s fancy. 

Sorority Apparel

It’s kind of a no-brainer to think of clothes when you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for college aged girls, but sorority apparel will really make for a unique gift. Girls love clothes, and anything that she can wear that also represents a brand or club that she is part of is most definitely going to make her smile. 

T-shirts with her sorority logo on them will be perfect for her to wear around campus or just as something casual to throw on, and they are relatively easy to shop for. Sweatshirts are perfect for those chilly fall evenings when she just needs something to keep her warm and comfortable while walking to and from class, or for lounging around the sorority house on a Sunday afternoon. 

When talking gifts for college aged students, sorority apparel is never going to let you down. Shop for sorority specific apparel here and see what we mean! 

Laser Engraved Tumblers

When the hot coffee just isn’t enough, she’s sure to want an iced coffee or cold drink at some point during the day as she makes her way around campus, which is why a laser engraved tumbler with her sorority logo on the front is another perfect gift idea. 

The skinny tumblers are the perfect size to fit inside the car’s cupholder or even in her backpack for travel. They’re painted with a glossy finish for a shiny look and comfortable feel, and they keep beverages both hot and cold for hours. Let her drink in style! 

Other Great Sorority Gifts

If sorority apparel, and home-made gifts just aren’t cutting it for you there’s tons of other Greek sorority gift ideas that your college-aged daughter will love as well. Shop for things like jewelry, home décor items, blankets & towels, hats, purses and even sorority themed face masks to give your super picky sorority girl just what she wants. 

It’s one thing to give her something unique, but when that unique gift also represents her very own sorority too, she will fall head over heels in love with it.

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