International Women's Friendship Month and the Impact of Sisterhood

Celebrate Sisterhood During International Women’s Friendship Month

Women often gain their first taste of independence when they head off to college. They don’t have parents looking over their shoulders at all times and can explore new things.

However, they may need guidance, advice, or support. Where should they turn for this help? Sisterhood is ready to assist in any way it can.

Every female must understand the importance of International Women's Friendship Month and the impact of sisterhood. However, they must first know what sisterhood is.

What is Sisterhood?

According to Exploring Your Mind, women who create a pact that is social, emotional, and ethical form a sisterhood. They do so because they understand women are stronger as a group than as individuals.

Sororities serve as a good example of a group of women coming together positively. College women look forward to joining one of these groups because they know they will become a part of a sisterhood that extends far beyond their campus. This sisterhood remains in place for life.

Women need to recognize the power they have when they come together, and the sorority sisterhood is a good example of this power.

Women who are part of a sorority work together to change everyday life. They can no longer wonder how a woman rose to a position of power, for example.

Sorority sisters shouldn’t question why one woman was chosen to be a resident advisor rather than another sister. They need to be happy for the one who was chosen and support the sister who wasn’t.

When women support each other, they are stronger. Sisterhood has a powerful impact on the world. What better time to support each other than during International Women’s Friendship Month?

The Benefits of Sisterhood

Women who come together serve as cheerleaders for each other. They provide support through difficult times. If a friend gets a poor grade on an exam, they’ll help her study for the next one.

If a sorority sister’s boyfriend ends things with her, the other sisters come together for a night of ice cream and tears. They may watch sappy movies or do each other’s hair and makeup to help the woman forget about her heartbreak.

Sorority sisters trust each other. They can share deep, dark secrets and know they won’t be judged when they do. This provides them with comfort that they cannot get from others in their lives.

If something goes wrong, a woman only has to turn to her sisters. She knows they will be there in any situation. They’ll miss the football game or turn down a date so they can support her.

Women often turn to their sorority sisters when they need inspiration. People like to tear each other down to make themselves feel better. A lady knows her sister will never do this to her. Sorority sisters want to see each other succeed and will be there to help others do so.

If a woman is struggling in a class, for example, her sisters will set up a study group to help her. If she needs clothes for a big date, she can raid their wardrobes to find the perfect outfit. Regardless of what she needs, the sisters stand ready to help.

The Impact of Sisterhood

Sorority sisters hold each other accountable. This is of great help when a person is trying to achieve a goal. The female knows she can turn to her sisters when she is struggling and they will keep her on track.

A woman who is part of a sorority always has somewhere to turn when she is down. They don’t care about her social status, grade point average, and more. She is a sister and therefore she matters.

Sisters often mentor each other. This guidance brings comfort to the sorority sister who is having difficulty because she has someone to turn to when she has questions.

For example, a woman new to the sisterhood might struggle to balance work and her social life. Someone who has been down this path can help her find this balance. She’ll help the sorority sister set up a study schedule while still leaving time for fun.

How to Support the Sisterhood

Women find there are many ways to support sisterhood. It all starts within a friend group. The following are a few ways to bring sisters together for conversation, fun, and inspiration. However, anything that brings women together should be celebrated.

Have a Clothing Exchange

College students are on a budget. They cannot purchase new clothes whenever they want. Sorority sisters come together to overcome this problem.

Set a time for this exchange. Each woman brings items she no longer wears and other guests pick from these items and take home those they love. This is a way to get new outfits without spending a dime, which college students love.

Plan a Spa Day

Host a spa day on campus. Sorority sisters can come together with their favorite beauty products and share. Make this a day of pampering that everyone will enjoy.

Don’t let a lack of money hold anyone back from taking part in the festivities. Every sister should be able to attend even if they don’t have products to share. Sorority sisters watch out for each other at all times.

Reach Out to Friends

Life gets busy, and women often find they have put their friends on the back burner. Make the time to call a friend. Reconnect with someone back home and show them they are part of the sisterhood, even if they chose a different path in life.

Sisters don’t forget each other even when they aren’t close by. That’s what makes the bond of sisterhood so strong. Sorority sisters know they are there for each other, even when they can’t be together in person.

Friendships don’t die over the summer when students go home. Sisters maintain this bond throughout college and beyond. This sorority sisterhood continues for life.

Regardless of what a woman does to show their support for the sisterhood, action should be taken. Women need to be there for each other in good times and in bad.

Without the sisterhood, ladies wouldn’t be where they are today. This needs to be remembered at all times, and International Women’s Friendship Month is the perfect time to support each other.

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