Bid Day Gift Guide: Trendy Sorority Apparel Gifts

The countdown to bid day has begun, and you have a lot of planning to do. There’s the theme, the food, the activities, the music, the dress code ꟷ it can become overwhelming to any sorority leader, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Careful advanced planning can vastly reduce the stress of this momentous day so that you and your sorority sisters can ease those nerves and focus on the excitement you feel. 

One crucial but easily overlooked component is sorority gifts. What will the sorority provide for new sisters to welcome them and help support their new sisterhood? Sorority gifts are an essential part of every bid day, but there are many types of gifts that you can choose from. These gifts should help new members show their sorority spirit. This guide will give you insight into the best sorority gifts for planning the perfect bid day. 

What is Bid Day? 

Bid day is a day of excitement and nerves. It is a day where young women get the opportunity to join a sorority that they are passionate about and a day where big and little sorority members get to welcome new members into their sisterhood. This momentous day is a day of celebration, love, budding friendships, and sorority gifts. Additionally, it’s a day where current members let new members in on sorority secrets and academic and community benefits. 

Most sororities plan their bid days extensively including the theme, activities, dress code, guest list, and gifts for new sisters. While this can be an exciting time, planning such a momentous event can be stressful, especially if it’s a leader’s first time planning bid day. 

Why is it Important to Give New Sisters Sorority Gifts? 

New sorority sisters want to feel welcomed into their sisterhood. They want to feel like they are part of the group and know that their sisters value their presence. Greek sorority apparel and other gifts let your new sisters know that they are an essential part of the sorority’s future and let you get to know your sisters on a more personal level. In addition, these gifts will remind new sisters of their chapter and let them show their pride and support for their sisterhood. 

The Best 6 Sorority Gifts for a Perfect Bid Day 

With so many sorority gifts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, this guide is here to help give you a better idea of some of the best sorority gifts for creating the perfect bid day. 

1. Trendy Sorority Apparel 

Sister Wearing Trendy Sorority Apparel

Greek sorority apparel is an excellent way to show off your chapter’s style and colors. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to make new sisters feel welcome on bid day and allow them to show off their sorority pride and spirit. You’ve got a lot of trendy sorority apparel options. On the casual side, go with a simple t-shirt that display’s your sorority logo. If it’s getting colder it’d be better to opt for something warmer like a sweatshirt. Of course, you can buy many fun gifts for your new sisters that aren’t T-shirts and sweatshirts including hats that sport your sorority’s colors and logos. 

2. Photo Frames 

Sorority Photo Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a photograph can encapsulate a moment far beyond what memory ever could. College is a crucial time in every young woman’s life and the experiences and accomplishments that you and your sisters’ gain will continue to shape your future long after graduation. Sorority photo frames are a perfect way to reflect on your favorite sorority moments from bid day and beyond. Additionally, sorority frames can sport sorority colors, logos, and names to add an extra personal touch. 

3. Sorority Jewelry 

Trendy Sorority Jewelry

Personalized, sentimental sorority gifts are often treasured throughout a sister’s lifetime. Another great gift you can give your new sisters is sorority jewelry that sports your chapter’s name or logo. These necklaces can quickly become a piece of your sister’s history and can be treasured throughout their college experience and beyond. Therefore, it’s worth considering these items, especially if your current sorority sisters have matching jewelry. 

4. Drinkware 

Trendy Sorority Drinkware

You know how busy college life can be, even with your sisters to support you. If you’re like most young women, you likely run on coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get you through the day. Therefore, another fantastic sorority gift comes in the form of drinkware, including mugs and tumblers. Coffee mugs are great to get your sister’s morning on the right start, while insulated tumblers will give them the opportunity to keep their cold drinks cold and their hot drinks hot throughout the day. Additionally, tumblers can sport your chapter’s color, style, and logo so that your sister can show off their sorority spirit. 

5. Blankets and Throws 

Sorority Blanket

It can get chilly outside, and what’s better than curling up beneath a warm blanket or throw? While blankets and throws aren’t typically taken outside of the home, they’re practical sorority gifts that will make your new sisters feel valued, welcomed, and appreciated. Therefore, they’re the perfect bid day gift to help your sisters get off on the right foot within your chapter. 

6. Gift Sets 

Trendy Sorority Apparel Gift Sets

Consider a gift set if you’re still on the fence about your bid day sorority gifts. Gift sets are an excellent way to make new members feel welcome while eliminating the necessity to choose between various trendy sorority gift options. Sorority gift sets include all-in-one items like insulated tumblers, sorority photo frames, and unique initiation baskets. 

Plan the Perfect Bid Day With Go Greek Chic Sorority Gifts 

Sorority gifts are an essential part of any bid day. Finding the right gift is an important step in planning the perfect bid day, so planning ahead and finding something that will welcome your new sisters is necessary. However, it can be challenging to decide on gifts with so many gift options. Fortunately, Go Greek Chic has many big and little sorority gift options including Greek sorority apparel, drinkware, photo albums, and more. In addition, each item displays your sorority’s name, serving as a memorable gift that your sisters can treasure for a lifetime while supporting their new sisterhood. 

What are you waiting for? Plan the perfect bid day with these sorority gifts. 

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