How to Stand Out in Your Sorority With Greek Apparel

How to Stand Out in Your Sorority with Greek Apparel

Sorority life can be incredibly beneficial for women going to college. It provides the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships, to create partnerships that can be beneficial for making connections and getting a job after college, and can be a great way to really enjoy the college experience. When it comes to greek apparel, there are plenty of options to choose from, and making the right choices can help anyone really stand out in their sorority.


Sorority Sister Wearing Greek Apparel

The classic t-shirt is available in multiple sizes and styles. Opt for a shirt with a pocket with the sorority logo, one with a more interesting design, or a baseball tee with the sorority name on it. There are also shirts for parents, so it’s possible to match on days when the parents are visiting. A collection of Greek shirts makes it possible to stand out all of the time and to have a larger variety of shirts to choose from when showing off the sorority membership.


Sorority Sister Wearing Greek Sweatshirt

When it starts to get chilly outside, it’s time to put on a sorority sweatshirt. Made from the highest quality materials, the Greek sweatshirts are incredibly comfortable and warm, so they’re the perfect option when the weather starts to get cold. All of the designs are officially licensed, and there are different ones to choose from when picking out the perfect sweater to buy. With plenty of different styles to choose from, it’s easy to pick out a sweater or two that will be great for wearing throughout the winter.


Sorority Greek Jewelry

A little bit of jewelry can help make any outfit stand out, and they’re perfect for gifts, too. Check out the selection of jewelry to find the perfect piece that can add to a casual outfit or make more formal attire really stand out. With various designs and styles available, there are plenty of options to pick from for the perfect jewelry to wear on special days or as an everyday piece. All jewelry is made from high-quality materials, is officially licensed, and is ready to wear as soon as it arrives. The selection is always expanding, so keep an eye out for new pieces to try.


Alpha Phi Greek Hat

Baseball hats with sorority lettering are the perfect option for a bad hair day or when getting ready to go fast is needed. Whether the plans for the day include inside or outside activities, the hat is always going to be a stylish option. There are numerous colors and styles to pick from, so it’s possible to purchase a hat to match just about any outfit. Bad hair day or not, a sorority hat can be a great way to stand out.

Tips for Standing Out

Standing out can mean more than just picking out the right apparel when shopping online. It also involves matching outfits, putting everything together, and looking fantastic each day. Those who want to stand out in their sorority might want to use the following tips.

Keep it Classy

When dressing with sorority apparel, keep it classy and simple. It’s not necessary to wear everything with the sorority’s letters on it when getting dressed – one or two pieces will work well. Have plenty of options on hand, though, to make mixing and matching easy.

Pair with the Right Outfit

Be sure to pair the apparel with the right outfit. For a t-shirt, wearing a pair of jeans and a baseball cap can keep the outfit simple and classy, making the wearer stand out in a good way. Add simple jewelry and a cute pair of sneakers for the perfect outfit.

Wear Makeup

For everyday clothes, pair with simple makeup that looks more natural. For a formal outing, use more advanced techniques to create the perfect look. When paired with Greek apparel, the right outfit and makeup done well can really help anyone stand out.


Accessories can make a big difference and add to the overall look of the outfit. Wearing a Greek necklace, simple earrings, and a bracelet or watch can be the perfect way to accessorize almost any outfit. Add a little more jewelry or switch to something more elegant for a more formal setting.

When to Wear Greek Apparel

With so many amazing options to choose from, when is the right time to wear Greek apparel? There are no set guidelines, so the pieces purchased can be worn just about any time. Below are a few ideas.

Rush Week

During rush week, it’s a good idea to wear Greek apparel throughout the week to stand out and help the sorority stand out more. This is the time to mix and match different types of apparel and to show love for the sorority. Wearing a shirt with a hat and a piece of jewelry can be a great way to celebrate and enjoy rush week.

Sorority Events

During sorority events, it may be a good idea to wear Greek apparel. Sorority events can be casual, where a t-shirt or hat might be perfect, or more formal, where a piece of gold jewelry with the sorority letters can be an integral part of the outfit. No matter what the dress code is, there is apparel that will work perfectly for any sorority event.

Daily Wear

Of course, Greek apparel is perfect for daily wear, too. This can help anyone stand out in their sorority, as they’ll have fashionable and officially licensed apparel they can wear whenever they want. For daily wear, choose from any of the Greek apparel available and use the above tips to create an outfit that really stands out.

Sorority life can be amazing, and many girls will want to showcase their love for the sorority they join. What better way to do that than to wear Greek apparel? All apparel designs are officially licensed, so they’re already approved by the sorority, and there are tons of options to choose from. Take a look at the available selections today to pick out the perfect apparel, then start planning out outfits to help you stand out in your sorority.

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