The Best Styles in Sorority Shirts

The Best Styles in Sorority Shirts

Sorority life forges new friendships, creates a new family, and provides everything needed to make it through college life. For those just joining a sorority or those who have been in it a little longer, the perfect sorority shirts can help show sorority pride and create a fantastic look for any upcoming events. There are tons of options available, so choosing the right one for the perfect look is important.

Pocket Tee

The Best in Sorority Shirts

The pocket tee is the simplest option, but it is anything but simple. A classic look, this is a basic unisex t-shirt with a small pocket on one side. The pocket showcases the Greek symbols for the sorority and can include the written name under the symbols. Depending on the options chosen, the pocket tee can also include basic shapes or designs, which add to the overall look of the shirt. The pocket shirts are pre-shrunk, incredibly comfortable, and can be machine washed to make care easier. These shirts come in different colors, so they’re a great option with a lot of flexibility.

Mom and Dad Sorority Shirts

Mom and Dad Sorority Shirts

Don’t forget to grab shirts for the parents of sorority members. Mom and dad shirts are pocket tees that feature the sorority Greek symbols and either “mom” or “dad” written below them. These are a fantastic option for any parents of sorority members and can help the parents feel included, too. Like the standard pocket tee, the mom and dad shirts are pre-shrunk, comfortable, and able to be machine washed. They are also available in different colors, allowing parents to match with their child or pick out something different. These make an excellent gift for any parent.

Ombre Sorority Shirts

Ombre Sorority Shirts

Ombre shirts feature the sorority name spelled out in letters that change from purple to yellow in an ombre pattern. These sorority shirts also feature an established date for the sorority, so girls can show they’re part of the sorority’s long history. These shirts are designed with a unisex fit and in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. They are printed in the US and ready to ship quickly, so there’s no need to wait to start wearing one of these stunning shirts. If an event’s coming up, now’s the time to order the ombre shirts for each girl in the local chapter.

Gemstone Sorority Shirts

Gemstone Sorority Shirts

With bright colors and a fun design, the gemstone shirt is sure to be a hit. The shirt features the name of the sorority on a plain white background, making the letters pop out. The shirts are cute and comfortable, making them a great option for just about any casual event the sorority might attend, and they’re made from 100% cotton, so they’re always soft. The gemstone sorority shirts are perfect for something that is going to stand out without being too flashy for a casual day. If the goal is to find shirts that are fun to wear and that looks great, the gemstone might be the right option.

Tropical Sorority Shirts

Tropical Sorority Shirts

Tropical shirts have a black background with a rectangle on the front, which includes a pattern of leaves and the sorority name. Made from cotton, these shirts are incredibly comfy and look stunning. They’re a unique option and are made in the US, so they’ll arrive fast. The print is printed directly onto the garment for the brightest colors, and they’re fully tested to make sure the colors will last. Since they’re soft and comfortable, machine washable, and feature a unique look, they’re a fantastic option for any sorority. They’re also licensed, so they are already approved by the organization and are ready to wear as soon as they arrive.

Leopard Print Sorority Shirts

Leopard Print Sorority Shirts

The leopard print sorority shirts come with a white background and Greek symbols for the sorority on the front. The letters are bold and have a colorful leopard print, so they’ll look amazing on anyone. Like the other styles of shirts, the leopard print shirts are 100% cotton and machine washable. They’re also pre-shrunk, so the size that’s received is the size they’ll be – no more worrying about shrinking in the washer or dryer. These shirts may have a simple design, but they look amazing and are great options for sorority shirts.

Baseball Tee

Baseball Sorority Tee

Looking for something a little different? The baseball tee features a white shirt with black ¾ length sleeves and a gold foil design showcasing the sorority’s name. These shirts are designed to look like the standard raglan baseball shirt but to have the sorority name really stand out. For outdoor events, these are a special option that’s going to be comfortable to wear throughout the day. They’re also a great option for any casual events, as they are stylish and fun.

Choosing the Right Style

Choosing the right style is up to the professional or service sorority, and it can be hard to do. With so many options, it’s important to think about the desired look, any desired colors, and the size of the design on the shirt. If colored shirts are preferred, the pocket tee is a great option since it is available in numerous colors. It’s possible to mix and match the colors, so everyone can wear their favorite color while still matching.

For outdoor events, the baseball tee is an excellent option, as are the ombre or gemstone sorority shirts. If an event is coming up featuring parents of the sorority girls, pick up mom and dad shirts for them. Mom and dad shirts also make excellent gifts, and any style can be perfect for gifting to those who are graduating soon. Take time looking through the site to find the perfect style, knowing all of them are high-quality and designed to be as comfortable and long-lasting as possible.

Licensing for Shirts

When going to an event that includes sorority members from throughout the US or where image matters, it’s always better to wear an officially licensed shirt. This way, the shirt is approved by the sorority. All the styles listed here are officially licensed, so the sorority has approved both the design and the style. Along with being approved, a portion of sales goes back to the organization, so buying these shirts is another way to support the sorority.

How to Order Sorority Shirts

Ordering shirts is easy, once the style is chosen. Simply pick out the right size shirt for each girl based on their measurements, then add it to the cart. Once this is done, it’s possible to choose standard or priority shipping. Use priority shipping if the shirts will be needed faster. Bulk orders can receive a discount, so it’s a good idea to place the whole order at once.

If the sorority shirts are being purchased ahead of the new pledges being accepted as a gift for their acceptance, it may not be possible to get the sizing information. In these cases, purchase at least a few in each size and make sure there are extras so no one will be left out.

There are multiple payment options available, including PayPal, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and Facebook Pay, so any preferred method can be used. When filling out the form, be sure to include contact information and to fill out the shipping address carefully. Always double-check the shipping address to avoid any potential mistakes.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Ordering sorority shirts? Why not go ahead and pick out some extras as well? There are tons of options, including sweatshirts, blankets, and hats. Looking for something besides clothing? Check out the drinkware, jewelry, photo frames, and gift sets available. All of these are officially licensed and available for a number of different sororities. There are also plenty of different styles and options, so there’s sure to be one everyone can love.

All clothing and accessory options are expertly designed, high-quality products that are designed to last. No matter if the order includes shirts, blankets, and photo frames, each one will be created with longevity in mind and packed carefully to ensure they reach their designation. Larger orders can receive a discount based on the number of product orders, so if there are any questions, be sure to ask before placing the order.

Not sure what to get? Gift cards are available, too, and can be easily used when placing an order. Gift cards are a fantastic option for gifts for parents, as the parents will be able to pick out what they like on their own and place an order when they’re ready. They’re also fantastic gifts for new sorority members who may want to get a couple of fun things after getting matching shirts.

Sororities are amazing places and create a sisterhood that lasts long after graduating from college. Sorority shirts are a fantastic way to match at casual events, to offer as gifts for new members or parents, or as commemorative gifts for those who are graduating. No matter the reason for buying the shirt, there are tons of different styles to choose from, including the ones here. Explore Go Greek Chic's inventory to find the perfect option for new, existing, or past sorority members to enjoy.

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