The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Rush Week

Getting Prepared for Sorority Rush Week: Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Rush Week

One thing many women look forward to when heading off to college is sorority recruitment. They cannot wait to take part in this activity but aren’t sure what to expect. The one thing they can count on is that they will know which sorority they belong to by the end of the week. However, knowing what to expect makes it easier to handle the different activities as they come up. The following guide provides a basic overview of the process.

Plan Ahead

Never go into rush week unprepared. Plan your outfits for the week, and include at least one outfit from GoGreekChic. The sororities have a schedule for the week, which makes it easier to know what to wear each day. Choose those items that make you look and feel good, as your confidence will shine as you move through the process.

Pack a Bag

Bring a bag with everything you might need when going through the sorority rush. Include makeup, snacks, water, and something to sit on. Prepare for anything because the process will be hectic and unfamiliar. Nobody wants to find they are without certain items they need and they miss out on part of the rush process because they must go and get them. Include a notepad and pen in the bag, as you will need them.

Open House

Plan to visit multiple sororities during the open house. When you arrive at each house, you’ll spend a few minutes talking to one sorority member and then move on to the next. Prepare to talk to a few members at each house before moving on to the next sorority. Pay attention to which sororities you feel most comfortable with and write them down.

Make Friends

Many potential members will take part in the sorority rush. Now serves as the perfect time to meet new people and make friends at college. Hopefully, you will end up in the same house as one or more of these new friends!.

House Tours

Although girls taking part in the rush have already visited the various houses, the house tour allows each participant to spend more time learning about each chapter and its activities. Pay attention to the presentation offered at each house, and spend more time talking to some girls in each sorority. This makes it easier to remove a few additional houses from the list.

Group Activity

Sororities at some schools perform a skit as part of the sorority rush. Organizations at other schools choose different activities. For example, they may replace the skit with a philanthropy round. This activity allows participants to learn more about the personality of each house and whether it is a good fit for them.

Trust the Process

A woman might have a sorority in mind when she first begins this process. During the week, however, she spends more time at other houses because they feel like a better fit. Move through the process. If the original house isn’t the one ultimately selected, that’s okay. Countless ladies have gone through this process before, and many women did not end up in the house they thought they would. They still had a great experience and you will too.

State Your Preference

After taking part in the different activities, each woman states her preference for sororities. However, before doing so, she spends time with one person from each sorority she is considering. This conversation covers the values and traditions of the sorority and what it means to the sorority member taking part in this interaction. Women learn more about each option they are considering. At the end of this portion of the process, each lady lists two or three sororities of interest to her.

The Selection Process

Some women find they didn’t get their first choice for a sorority. That’s okay. Talk with your potential sisters. The women in the sorority saw something they liked and thought would be a good fit. Trust their judgment. You may find you love this house and develop friendships that will last a lifetime and friends who you are truly happy to call sisters. 

Remain positive as you move through the sorority rush process. Many women have gone through it before you. You can do this. Stick with it and talk to others going through it as well. This interaction helps you meet new people and learn more about those who may soon be your sisters. Have fun during sorority rush week. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so make the most of every minute.

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